Can't find DDP import option in File Menu

guys, i urgently need to import a DDP file into Wavelab7 (latest update 7.2.1. installed, windows7)

the “manual” says: Wavelab can read DDP files by choosing File > Import > Audio DDP Image…

i simply do not have this “import” option in the file menu (or anywhere else).

i tried resetting the app, changed language etc - it’s not there - not in top dropdown menu or elsewhere! how do i find it ? it’s almost funny, i created the DDP file with W7 and now i can’t import it. dropping files/content from the folder conatining the DDP files created does’nt work either.

where is this “import DDP” thing ?


Use the Montage Workspace, as a DDP is imported as a montage.

thanx pg, i just figured it out. one needs to create a new montage first (that opens the audio montage workspace) and then the import option appears in the file menu…

would’nt it be a better option to have the import right from the beginning (when opening wl7) ? i mean that seems a bit circumstantial to me.

anyway, we need a proper manual ;]

thanx again

You don’t need to create a montage first, but you need to open a montage workspace, that is, the environement for editing montages.