cant find download for cubase ai

bought steinberg ur12 and got download access key but is impossible to find download button for cubase ai…website tells me my serial# is invalid …what a run around!

Did you buy the UR from an authorized dealer? Is is possible the seller used the access code?

yes that is possible…wow what now? thanks for your help.

When you say the serial number is invalid do you mean the serial number on he UR itself or the download access code for Cubase?
Ask he seller if they used the download access code. If they did, they may be able to answer the Cubase AI license to you.

this is what it says when trying to download cubase ai. Serial number is not valid…cant get in touch with the ones that had the ur12.Is there any way to get another copy of cubase ai?

If you contact support they may be able to help.