Can't find Dynamics control in play mode in Dorico 4

Where is the dynamics control in the key editor / play mode? In Dorico 3, there was a specific control lane for dynamics. Now, all I see is “Velocity.”

Any help would be appreciated.

You have to click on the little arrow next to velocity and Add one or more cc channels if they have not been generated by Dorico. So often you might add cc1 and maybe also cc11 expression. You can then draw in the curve you want.

If you have made dynamic markings like f, ff, p, pp, pf in your score and use the correct expression map for your library and instrument, Dorico will normally generate the associated cc channel , if it is not velocity, for your library and show the associated dynamic levels.

On the other hand if you use a library which only uses velocity to switch dynamic layers, e.g like in one of the 3 presets modes of the VSL Synchron libraries Dorico will only generate velocity levels corresponding to the dynamic markings in your score. You can then further refine by adding other cc’s and drawing in the curves as mentioned above.

The dedicated dynamics editor that was present in Dorico 3.5 has not yet been reimplemented in the brand new Play mode for Dorico 4, but it will be included in the next update. We’re sorry for its continued omission, but it will be worth the wait: we have been working hard on the editor to make it more functional, powerful and flexible.


No problem, Daniel. Sounds like it will be well worth the wait!
Thank you