Can't find EQ!

So I bought Cubase le5 and I’ve been watching tutorials on how to mix vocals and they all say to use the “built in eq”

When I do the same and try to “insert” studioeq and whatever theyre talking about my cubase doesnt show any of that like “gain” “de-esser” type inserts.
Does my version of cubase not come included with those things?
Can I download those somewhere if not?


Not that I am aware of.

You might be able to find some freeware plugs to beef up your arsenal here …

Don’t blame me if any of them cause total system meltdown, though :laughing: .


If anyone knows how I can get these let me know!

At least you can watch the tutorials! Mine won’t run. I just get a basic screen that goes through a simple song- no explanation- no voiceover- no tutorial- I know I’m not good at this- so my questions remain very basic- How do I get the tutorial to work?

Here’s a link to a de-esser & a couple other decent free plugins.