Can't find existing Audio after Installing Elements

I had the “freeware” LE and just upgraded to Elements, now I can’t find ANY of my Audio Folders or Tracks that I had recorded previously. Any tips on finding my missing Folders or audio Tracks would be greatly appreciated.



Cubase LE and Elements is the only one executable (application). So to switch from LE to Elements it’s enough to upgrade the licence. Nothing else changes in the computer.

The Audio files (and all projects) should be exactly at the same place, where did you record them.

The default path is Music/Cubase Projects.

I recorded them on my hardrive on my PC I use for CUBASE. I’ve done a search on “Cubase”, Music/Cubase both on my hard drive and my MS OneDrive and there are NO existing Cubase audio files with the exception of the two I just created this week.

It looks like when I deleted “LE” it might have deleted ALL my previously recorded audio files.


I cannot imagine, how this could happen, if you use the common uninstaller.