Can't Find GA3 in Cubase 7.5 on my Mac Book Pro, please help

Hi Guys

I have recently changed my machine to a Mac Book Pro from windows.

I have installed Cubase 7.5, and I have installed Groove Agent 3, I have also installed GA as per the Mac full install patch on the Steinberg site, and then the update patch.

So I now have both programs installed on my Mac Book, but when I open Cubase I cant find GA 3 in the midi channels, or in the VST devices drop down.

I can though open GA3 independently, and play the drum patterns, though the sound comes only through the Mac speakers and not via my soundcard which is an Edirol UA5, which is hooked into my monitors.

So my questions are please.

  1. Why can’t I find GA3 in Cubase 7.5

  2. What do I have to do to integrate the two programs within Cubase 7.5

  3. If my GA3 is playing independently, though only through the Mac speakers. How can I remedy this.

I sincerely hope someone can help me with this please, because its starting to drive me mad. I just want to get on with recording.

I really look forward to reading any replies, and I hope you can help me resolve this issue.

Thanks Guys.

Kind Regards


GA 3 is not supported anymore by Steinberg. They are all in on GA 4 (which is quite another product, and in my opinion not as good as GA 2&3). You have not completed your profile so it is a little difficult to answer your question (please do for further posts). But I think GA3 stopped working on MAC on Lion. If you are on Snow Leopard (or earlier), GA 3 should work, but on later OS it won’t. I may be mistaken on the OS but I am on Mountain Lion and GA 3 does not work here. Nor does a bunch of other software. I am running older software on a PC and link the two computers together. Thus I can access GA 3 on my MAC. In order to link them you need either a sound card in both computers and a digital connection between them or an ethernet connection and the product VePro installed on both computers. Both solutions are quite expensive. You also need a dongle with the GA3 license on the second computer and for the digital sound card/sound card solution you also need a Cubase license on the second computer. I would not recommend this if GA 3 is the only software. I am not sure if GA 3 will work through VePro but I guess Vienna (developer) can tell. Then I would rather suggest that you have a look at Toontracks EzDrummer. Think they still have a light version that is free or at least a demo you can try. Also note that you have a light version of GA 4 (G4SE) included in your Cubase 7.5.