Can't find "Granular Guitars" in Cubase.... pls help... !

Hey guys, I’ve just installed Granular Guitars, but when I launch Cubase it doesn’t appear in the VST Instruments menu on the right.
Any idea how I can connect these 2 apps?..
Thank you so much!

Granular Guitars will appear in Padshop so long as you have used the correct installer (there is a different installer for Padshop 2 to the original Padshop / Padshop Pro). If you have the wrong installer, download the right one from the Padshop section of Steinberg Download Assistant, which is found amongst the “VST Instruments & Plugins”.

You also need a licence for Granular Guitars. An Absolute 4 licence includes Granular Guitars, otherwise you can purchase a separate Granular Guitars licence. Make sure your eLicenser Control Center is up to date, enter the activation code if you haven’t done so already, then run the Maintenance procedure. Hopefully then Granular Guitars will show up in Padshop

Thank you, it worked!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: