Cant find Groove Agent One

Hy guys,Whenever I go to my VST instruments my Groove Agent One has a little grey icon beside it and it wont play .
Anyway to fix this ?

The little grey icon besides it is not the VST3 mark, is it?
Can you load up a pic?

You know that you have to pick a preset first and arm the midi track?

Groove Agent one stll not playng in project.I click on the drum pads but no sound
Thanks for your help:)

Ok… I start from the very beginning…
You open GAO in the VST Rack and confirm that a midi track
shall be created for it. Otherwise you create a midi track and chose
GAO for its output. Then you click in the little black field in the upper
corner of GAO and doubleclick on a kit that you want to load.
Now you play it.

Or try this: drag any oneshot drumsample and drop it on a pad and
click the pad then.

Can you upload a screenshot if none of this helps you?

Best regards.