Can't find GrooveAgent SE 4 anymore in Cubase Art. 7.5 64Bit

Hi folks,

last time I opened Cubase Artist 7.5.20 (64 Bit) I can’t find Groove Agent SE 4 (under “Drum”) anymore. I’ve checked the folder “Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components” and only “HALion SonicSE” is there. Under “Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components” there is a folder called “Groove Agent SE” and also the file “Groove Agent SE.dll” (for the 32 Bit version). If I open Cubase Artist 7.5 32Bit Groove Agent SE is available!

I’ve yet started the repair function of Cubase Artist 7.5 64 Bit but nothing is changing (in relation to the availability of Groove Agent SE under 64 Bit).

Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance.

OK, I’ve found the solution. I’ve forgotten to install the 64Bit version of GrooveAgent SE in Cubase Artist 7.0! Now it is running.