Can't find Halion 6 after download and activation

I have downloaded Halion 6 and activated it in the eLicenser Control Centre; but I can’t find it anywhere - as an active programme in Windows or as an available Instrument in Cubase (which I guess makes sense, as it’s clearly not activate yet).
I did get the activation code prior to the download, so I don’t know if that makes a difference; but as it is showing as activated in the eLicenser, I guess there’s no problem there and I’m not being prompted to do anything else.
Any thoughts, please? Thanks.

Please make sure that you’ve pressed the Open button in the Steinberg Download Assistant to actually install it.

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Thank you, Romantique_Tp. That was it!

I so rarely purchase new software that I get lost just about every time I do. Thanks for the helpful steer.