cant find HALion One content

Hello , i seem to not be able to find the HALion One content the folders, they look empty. I have tryed reinstalling and looking for them on 32 bit version but no luck. I am on Cubase 6 Artist 6.0.5. . I know i can just use Halion Sonic SE. but how will i know that synthesizers VST sound set will work for HALion One if i cant get its own preset content working?

Been covered so many times I can’t count. Use the Search function.


Which OS? I had a similar problem on XP with the Elements 6 trial; except Halion One, HSSE, and Groove Agent couldn’t find their sounds. Strangely enough, Prologue worked awesome! Another guy had the same prob on a Mac with the C6 trial. Don’t buy an instrument set until you get this working! This is freaking me out, cause I was hoping this was a trial installation malfunction.

im on win 7 64 bit and tryd on cubase 64 and 32 bit. it installs the content to a programdata\ folder that looks invisble to my windows 7 setup but mediabay can see it… even then the sounds are empty in mediabay. Ive also seen this topic around in the older forum but didnt see anyone resolve the issue.

I contacted Steinberg concerning this problem, but they refused to help me, as XP is not supported. I would fill out a support form if nobody responds anything helpful, since you have Win 7. If you get this resolved please let us know cause I have Elements 6 on the way and am very concerned that it may not be able to load the sounds.

Yeah except for this little problem searching.
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Not if you use the right filters in the advanced Search.

Advanced Google search is even better.