Can't find Halion Orchestra

I just upgraded my PC to Windows 7. I re-installed C6, Halion Symphony Orchestra and C5. I bought the license for HSO. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get HSO to be listed in the VST menu in C6’s (add instrument track, VST Instruments). I searched the forums but didn’t find any answers. Any ideas? Same thing happene with Halion one but I manage to get that in through the media library…by trial and error. Thanks in advance!

Did you point to the location of the .dll in Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths and then restart Cubase?

Hello Jam2nite,

Which version of HSO did you installed on your computer ? Did you installed the version that is included in Cubase 6 ? Please notice that this version of HSO is not a VST instrument on his own in Cubase. It is part of the content of Halion Sonic SE.



Hi Chris,
I actually installed both versions, the one I got with C6 and the 2 disc one I got with C5. I pointed the plug in info path to the folder that HSO lives in but C6 stalled and I had to restart PC. After starting C6 again, HSO was in instrument list but won’t open to edit after track is created. I’ll try again tonight to find the .dll file. I’m very new to Win7 so fighting 2 battles at once!

Is the 16 bit version of HSO not compatible with C6?

Try going to plug in folder from cubase menue and hit rescan button. Some times this works.

I have HSO 16bit running fine in C6
Although, the more I use HSSE, the more I think HSO is redundant