Can't find HALion Sonic 3 .dll

Hey all,

So I just bought HALion Sonic 3 and I installed and downloaded everything, and I can find everything except the .dll file. I can load HALion as a stadalone instrument and play it and all that jazz, but I can’t find how to load it up in Maschine.

I’ve looked through all the usual suspects (Program Files, Steinberg, VSTPlugins, VST3, Common Files, you name it) and I can find the VST3 file (which Maschine doesn’t support) along with all the folders that are installed with the software, and everything in them.

Like what on earth kind of nonsense man.

Where possibly could it be? When I installed it, I specifically created a folder within the Steinberg parent folder for it to install to, and everything did except the one file I need to be able to use it.

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\HALion Sonic … ?? F

Hi, I have the same problem with Halion 6. i.e. I can launch it standalone, but not from within Cubase. How did you get round this problem?

When Halion 6 is installed on my PC, there does seem to be any subfolder/directory or DLL file under the Steinberg VTS folder, like there is for other VST instruments.

Any suggestions you might have in this respect are greatfully received.

Here Lads: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\HALion Sonic

No dll there. Just help folder with shortcut to online manual.

I was looking in C:Program files/steinberg/vst and couldn’t find the dll file there.
But I looked under C:Program files/Cakewalk(insert your daw of choice here)/vst/Halion Sonic SE and found it there. Now I can find it in my daw. Hope this helps.