Can't find how to open Zebra2

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem. Actually trying to open Zebra2, I putted the u-he data file in my ProgramFiles(x86) inside VstPlugins where I have QLeapSpace which is working.

When I open cubase (8 Elements), I can’t find Zebra2. Didn’t find anything on the net also.
Any advice to give me ?



Thanks it worked !

But now I have an other problem, I can’t right click inside the window of Zebra… that’s weird. I tried several things but none worked.

Nobody has an idea for that ? :confused:

Well problem solved again. In case it happens to someone, I had it installed in my (x86) repertory, in 32 bits. I switched for the 64 bits version but I needed to install it anywhere else because it would crash the launcher forever.