Can't find my projects after updating to latest version

I have been running 12.04 since it came out. It has worked great for me. Just updated to 12.05 and now I can’t find my recordings. The folders are empty. No *.CPR files either.

removed almost all of my recordings

This is not actually possible. The files are saved on your storage device, and Cubase cannot do anything to files that it has not opened, nor can the installer.

Do a search of your computer storage for .cpr

If you’re on Windows you can simply hit the Windows key and type it in

Steve is right - something else has happened to cause this. If you’re on Mac, look in the trash and in Time Machine. Check that any external drives are connected properly.

Just for clarification, were these in the Default Cubase Project folder? Or were they in your own user folder designation/different hard-drive?

I ask because, while the above users have said it’s not possible… I want to say it’s hypothetically possible software could “redo” all of its folder directories… Whether it’s because of the software itself or something in the OS.

In the future, please, always backup everything before making any changes to your system or software, for one to save yourself and your data, but two, to also be able to clearly define the before and after of an action.

Did you run a search on all your hard drives for *.cpr?

Of course I backup. I have done a global search for both WAV and CPR. Unfortunately, I backed up before I installed 12.05. So if they were gone before that, then my backup would reflect that.
I can’t figure out what happened…

What about my first question?

Where were you keeping your project files? What drive? What folder or folders?


All I know is that the files were there the day before the update and gone after the update. Incredibly frustrating as you may imagine!!

Where were the projects located on your computer?