Can't find MYSTERY Drum Note!

I’m importing an old project into Cubase 10 and I’m remapping the drums - something crazy is going on.
I am getting occasional tom hits but there is NO NOTE visible in the drum editor! In fact I can even filter to only show drum sounds with events and it wont show it. But it IS hitting the tom because I’ve tried playback thru GrooveAgent AND Superior Drummer - they both show a “visual” response on the tom at those parts. Also, I’ve muted all other tracks and have watched the VU meters to make sure it is coming from that track.

Anyone know of any other way to track it down so I can delete it or reassign it to the proper sound? These notes are “heard” and can be seen hitting the virtual drums but they are NOT showing up in the drum editor so I can’t handle them.

Look in the list editor perhaps?


Thanks Hippo!
I just went in to try your solution and for some reason… the problem note is no longer there!
Not sure what did it but thanks for you reply, I will keep that in my back pocket :slight_smile: