Can't find option 'Show automation track in project...'


The operation manual mentions this option :

If you activate the option “Show Automation Track in Project on Writing Parameter” in the Preferences dialog (Editing page), the corresponding automation track is revealed on writing automation parameters.

I am not able to find it in the Preferences dialog. :unamused:

Does anyone know if it exists somewhere ?


Good question.
Just had a look into this myself and this option seems really not to be there. :smiling_imp:
Would be very handsome though …

Thank you for your confirmation.

I will post this as a bug or missing feature.

It’s not a missing feature: this option you’ll find in the settings of the Automation Panel.
You open the Automation Panel in the Project menu above.
In that panel, left below, there is a little gear wheel, on which you can click, to open the Automation Settings.
In Automation Settings again left below, you find the option “Reveal Parameter on Write”.
It’s on page 298 in the C7 manual. :wink:

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Cool, thanks a lot :smiley:

But the manual is definitely not up to date. Look at page 285, it is clearly mentioned that this option should be in the Preferences dialog. I am reading the whole manual and I can tell you that many sections are not up to date (mainly the midi section : midi send effects, midi modifiers… for instance).

Actually it is fine, the manual is very good so far and I understand the complexity to update such a big manual.