Cant find or opem REX files in the MediaBay


When I open my Media Bay to search for samples and loops etc, the folder I have my REX files stored in doesnt contain anything according to Media Bay. But when I open it ouside of Cubase I can see the REX files it contains. Can anyone please tell me how I can get them to display in media Bay?


simpy neil…Cubase recognises teh rex files, in mediabay, but dont expect any joy in playing them back bro…it doesnt want to know.

I know you will have loads of questions concerning this subject, but they have been covered many times here, if you want to actually see them, then ensure in mediabay you have the check box selected beside the folder, also, ensure you dont have “only view slected folders” chosen in the attributes box.

if you want to use rex files, use the import audio dialogue in the file menu, youll have more joy there. :laughing:

I usually highlight the folder in question, right click and choose rescan to get things to show up that normally don’t. 99% of the time this works, though not always.

Discoworx is correct as well. Despite being out for 4 years now, Mediabay CANNOT play back RX2 files in tempo to the project, despite it saying it does. It is all over the place. Either half time, double time or just off in general. I think this should have been fixed long ago, but am not waiting around forever so am using UVI Workstation which plays back RX2 files to the projects tempo flawlessly, 100% of the time.

Thanks guys, sussed it after reading your replies :slight_smile:

I will be stuck with something else tomorrow!

If you really want to integrate rexs in a decent manner…previewing in contect etc…Ive been hammering people to move over to this …

all about it here sounding engine on the planet to boot.!

check it out.its FREE :laughing:

:slight_smile: I shall investigate tomorrow, cheers

Agree with Discoworx, the free UVI player plugin is a godsend for rex file audition and playback

Though if you use Kontakt, you can place differing progressions of REX files on every key, jam away and record them in any order you wish :slight_smile:

@ Discoworx, I have installed it so will probably need your advice when I try to use it!

by the way, have any of you tried the arpeggiator on the rex files…(yes you can assign it) …BLINDIN remix function!! :smiley:

more details/instructions please?!


Not yet but I certainly shall on Monday morning. I would be on it now but I’m away from home for the weekend… i am excited to get on the arp now :-0