Cant find paint stereo out channel.

Hi, I can’t seem to find the master out or stereo out channel on pro 8. Im sure before an update i was able to find it but now i can’t.
Can someone gimme the heads up be most appreciated?

Also, not sure if the rest you guys have this same issue, i assume so. but lets say i open up a channel with the fader and eq window, inserts etc, if i put the cursor on the right side of the window and drag it to open it more the thing goes beanstalk on me. By this i mean, the more i drag it the more the inside window contents rise up and up and keep going up but they outside of the window which doesn’t move. So it basically stretches the inside contents and keeps going. Weird.

But my main concern is trying to find the main stereo out channel if some one can guide me id be much obliged.

Do you mean in the mix console or project window?