Can't find registration number for Cubase LE 5

I purchased quite awhile ago a Tascam US800 audio interface and it came bundled with Cubase LE 5. All this time I haven’t reallly had time to mess with it until now and in order to register Cubase LE 5 and the info for doing so was on the quickstart page for the audio interface (which I can’t find). I have all the other info that came with it but the registration number for cubase. Any ideas on what I can do. Upgrading to a different version isn’t an option for me.

Hi and welcome,

Ask your Tascam dealer, if he is willing to provide a new number.

:smiley: Ya know, I really should have thought of that first.
I remember that I gave my son in law my old Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Sound card, and I might have accidentally placed the quick start guide for the Tascam (with the required info for in stalling Cubase LE5 ) in that box. So I’ll call him first to see if by chance it’s there. Otherwise I’ll give Tascam a call. Thanks.