Can't find "Reset EQ" (page 161 in C6 pdf manual)

Page 161 of the Cubase 6 manual states that you can reset all EQ back to zero (actually “default”) values. I can’t find any commands resembling this in the “drop down preset menus” they decribe, or in the inspector. Moreover the command that is there, i.e. “remove preset”, has no effect. :confused:

Anyone know where the reset command is?

Thanks for looking.

The Parlanchin

Just create a new track, open channel edit window, save the unaltered eq as a preset named “reset”.

I think there was one among the factory defaults but I deleted all of them manually, can’t say why yours is missing though.


Hey, that’s quite clever. Thanks for the solution. :smiley:

Alt+click on the EQ-bypass button will also reset the settings.

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Alt+Click on the bypass, thanks andreasm!

Resetting Steinberg EQs in Cubase is a workflow hazard! I am using Cubase Pro 10 and Studio EQ has a reset button. Clicking on it doesn’t do anything. Alt-Clicking on the byebass button does absolutely nothing. Is this just me or is this a bug?

!! Correction !! You have to alt-click the new reset button in the Studio EQ for it to work. I’m aware that Steinberg engineers wanted to build in an extra security to avoid resetting your EQ by mistake. But isn’t that done with a pop-up warning in any other app on this planet? Its just extremely odd and counter-intuitive to have a button that doesn’t do anything when pressed…