Can't Find Saved Project

I’ve saved all my backup folders from my previous computer onto a flash drive. I have a new computer set up and installed Cubase. I can open the folders from flash drive with no problem. Then when I go save them as a project inside Cubase it saves. So I remove my flash since my project folders are now saved on the new computer.

But when i go and open up the project inside Cubase, rather than open the saved project, it says it can’t find the location of the folder! Why is that? if I saved it on new computer when Cubase is installed, then I assume it should not be wanting to find the flash drive. What is happening can somebody please help?

instead of “save as…” try to use the function “Back up project” in the File Menu

the problem is that “save as” function will not link the project with the NEW folder instead of the “Back up…” function

I checked the You Tube Channel there is nothing there about Cubase and my question regarding the save file issue??

You should have actually moved the files to the computer first before opening them if you want to continue working without the external drive. Alternatively, you can open a project from the external drive and use the “Back up” function to save a new version in a folder of your own choosing.

did u tried the “backup project” solution i wrote previously?

Yes I did, and it worked. Thank you for your help. Sorry for late reply, had a busy week.