Can't find Smart Bypass Key commands

Are the key commands for Smart Bypass still available? I can’t find them.

Are you talking about bypassing all the plugins in the master section using a shortcut?

I noticed that since WL8, I can’t use the shortcut SHIFT+B to do this (like in WL7), it says I need to use some weird “K” symbol, and SHIFT + B

Haven’t figured out what the extra K symbol is.

Also, once 8.0.2 is out and I can use the new montage master properly, I don’t know if I’ll need this shortcut anymore anyway, I’ll have to find a way to bypass the entire montage master in one shortcut for A/B purposes.

When the dialog is open and has the focus :

A: Original Audio
B: Processed Audio + Correction
C: Processed Audio
U: Update gains

Thanks PG. I guess they are not assignable any longer? Anyway, no worries…just nice to have those shortcuts.