Can't find ''Solo Editor'' Key command???


Maybe this is stupid and I’m just not seing it but I cannot find the key command for the ‘‘Solo Editor’’ button on the top left of the key editor and Audio Editor.

Am I missing something?


Key Commands:

Edit/SOLO = S. here, works great

Just hit S when you have that editor open

if the command is there then make your own key command
look in the key command list under prefs and see if it is there if so the inherent K.C. will be highlighted if not then make youre own…
that is if a command is available… if not shanabit posted the best way in the reply above…

I know how to make a key command from the list. I simply can’t find the right command. It does not seem to be listed.

Maybe you missed what I posted

Go to your KEY COMMANDS and look for EDIT folder, then SOLO

Nice! Got it, thanks it works. I feel kind of dumb but when I hover over the button, it’s labelled “Solo Editor”. The key command’s search box didn’t find anything under Solo Editor. Kind of incoherent but now that I know, it works fine thanks!