Can't Find Sounds in Elements 6 Trial!!


The other day I downloaded the Cubase Elements 6 trial onto my XP. All was working well until I opened the virtual instruments. Halion Sonic SE doesn’t show any sounds at all when I go to find them. When I open Halion itself, everything appears to be okay except there is no sound content. Then there’s Groove Agent One. I can drag audio onto the pads, and all the drumkits show up, but when I try to use them with the virtual keyboard or create a track with them, a window pops up saying, “Groove Agent ONE Failed to Locate 31 (I have had different numbers too) samples.” What is strange is that Prologue works perfectly, and so do 3rd party VST instruments. Halion One can’t seem to find it’s sounds either even after right clicking toward the bottom and choosing Locate Contents. I’ve spent the last few hours roaming Mediabay trying to find Halion’s missing content- there’s nothing. Groove Agent kits do appear in Mediabay, but again they don’t do anything. Browsing through Elements 6’s contents in Explorer, I don’t see any VST 3 preset content like I do in the software I own. I have contacted Steinberg which seemed pretty stumped, refused to further investigate it as I am running on XP (understandable), and suggested that it was the XP’s fault. I do not believe that, because many use all C6 versions in XP without problems. So, my question is: Will this likely be a problem once I purchase the permanent version and does anyone have any ideas how I could fix this while I still have the trial?

Thanks in advance,

Try doing a scan of your HD with mediabay

I’m not that familiar with Elements 6, how would I do that?

Got to menu > Media > MediaBay and do a rescan of your entire disc.(just to be on the safe site)

You’re talkin manually, right? If so I’ve done that. I have also looked on my hard drive in explorer and Mediabay and found nothing. If I remember correctly there was some error that popped up during installation concerning Halion content. I am going to try reinstalling Elements and pray that my trial license that I have already activated (obviously) doesn’t go anywhere or do anything funky. Thanks for the help. More ideas are welcome. :smiley:

Is the button “show deep results” checked in mediabay?

Yes, or nothing would show up at all!

As of what i read, C6 not supported on XP so you definitly gonna have problems.
I installed C6 elements under windows 7 in parallels on my mac and it runs without any problems.
Has to be XP.
Maybe this can help:

Yep, you are correct in that C6 is only supported for Windows 7. I think that they quit supporting Vista and XP because they generally aren’t as strong of computers. I still don’t believe that this is a problem with XP. Really. I have browsed about that topic on the forum, started posts about it, and I have come to the conclusion that there are ALOT of people out there using all kinds of C6 flawlessly on XP. So, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am definitely gonna have problems because of the XP. I think this is a trial error. I guess we’ll know as soon as I buy it. :slight_smile:

Besides, I’m not the only one having this problem.