Can't find SpectraLayer inside Cubase

Hope you can help me. Im running Cubase Elements 12 on Windows 11 and have just purchased SpectrumLayers Elements 9. My problem is how to edit with this inside Cubase. Manual says:

  1. Select an audio region.

  2. Click Extensions and then SpectraLayers Elements, or go to AudioExtensionsSpectraLayers

But I can’t find extensions in the audio fane. SL works fine outside of Cubase.

could you clarify?

ARA (the technology necessary for the connection between SpectraLayers and any host application) is only available in Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist:

So Steinberg forgot to tell me that the product I bought cannot be used with Cubase Elements.
Thanks everyone !

The audio fane in Cubase

Would have been nice to state this on their website. My work around will be export wav to windows and edit with SL and then back into Cubase - I guess ?

I am not aware of anything with that name.

As far as being able to do your due diligence in order to know whether it works with whichever software you’re using, trial versions are available to test before you buy.

Also, in the Cubase comparison chart, the ARA feature, which provides the ability for Spectralayers and other programs to be used inside Cubase, is specified as requiring Cubase Pro or Artist.


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The audio tab in the top menu in Cubase. (English is not my native language - sorry)

But point taken. Im new to Cubase and didn’t realize at that time AKA was needed not even knowing what it was and less aware that it was the way SL interfaces with Cubase. I spend hours before purchase to be sure that I could use it with Cubase and when all documentaion said it works - I belived that.
But thanks for you answer!