Can't find the "Cleanup" function


I’m trying to do a file cleanup as explained in the webmanual (see below).

However I can’t find " Cleanup" at step 2.

Those are the only options I got…

Any help ? :face_with_monocle:


I think you’re looking at an old manual. That was removed back at Vers 9.5

If you have the right license, you can download and install Cubase Pro 9 and use that.

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Oh ok… Thanks! I have Cubase 12…

Do you know how to remove unused media from finder after having them removed from the media pool ?

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Why they removed this function is beyond me… But as said above I have Cubase 9 installed just for this feature alone. Works exactly as before :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for your reply man!

Don’t know if it’s the same but what I do is opening the Pool (Ctrl+P) and then right click and Remove unused media.

When I do that these media are not removed in finder. Did you verify that?

Oh, you’re right. They’re not removed in the finder… Wasn’t aware of that.
Well, I guess they should reintroduce that “Cleanup” feature.

From memory, the removed media should end up in the trash bin of the Cubase Pool. To delete them from your hard drive, empty the trash.

That won’t remove them from the hardrive. At least for me.

The big advantage of the Clean Up function is that you can delete unused/unreferenced files across many of your Cubase projects in one go.
Open Cubase 9 Pro (do not open any projects) > start Clean Up from the files menu > select anything from a single folder to a full harddisk > it scans for unreferenced files (removed from the Pool).

To use the remove to trash > remove from trash (erase from disk) method you actually have to open one project after the other to erase these files from your hard drive… It may be tedious, to say the least.

One suggested method from Steinberg is to use the backup function > choose to backup only used files… Then deleting the original project. Then open the project from the new (backed up) location.

My recommendation is, provided you have an e-Licenser with the proper license, to keep Cubase 9 installed… Only for using the Clean Up function (you never have to open any projects in C9).