can't find the name of a missing VST in an old project

Hello there,

I can’t tell the name of a VST instrument I don’t have installed anymore but needed for an old project.
The project just names it “!!! track’s name !!!”.
It was an old free plugin but it’s very important for this project… Is there a way to tell its name?
thank you so much in advance!

So that’s exactly what is written in the insert slot??

Could you upload the cpr (no audio) and say which track in the project it is?

Hello Grim, thanks for your help.

Here it is the project (zipped because .cpr is not accepted as attachment) with the two incriminated tracks
missing (59.5 KB)

Not sure why only the track names are showing in the rack but the instruments are the ones listed as event names.

Dude you are a genius! thank you very much!
I feel so dumb :stuck_out_tongue:
I still don’t know why the instrument names disappeared from those tracks, but problem solved!