Can't find the setting to not affect all audio when editing

Hi , when I chose to reverse one of my samples on a channel, it reverses all of the audio on that channel

Was wondering what the setting is to turn off the effect from doing that to all the audio instead of just the one selected.


By default, there is a message, which asks you if you want to apply this to all events of this audio sample, or if you want to create a new instance. Create a new one here.

If you cannot see this message, you disabled it in Preferences. I’m not in the studio now, so I’m not 100% sure, but I would try to find it i Preferences > Editing > Audio. Select “Always Ask”.

As Martin says there is the preference…Editing/Audio/On Processing Shared Clips.

If you prefer not to set this to ask you can instead use the menu item Edit/Functions/Convert to real copy on this event before processing.

Thankyou guys ended up fixing it thanks to you pals! Cheers