Can't find the show lanes button in Cubase pro 8,5


this is driving me nuts. I just can’t see where the show lanes button is in Cubase Pro 8.5

Attached a screen shot, where did the show lanes button go?


Sorry, but I don’t see a screenshot. :unamused:
Check if it’s selected in Track Controls:

And if it’s at the bottom of the list, it’s at the end of all controls, if track column in the project window isn’t wide enough, some controls will not show up:

Thanks! That was it, needed to enable it from track controls.

Take a look at (right click on track) track control settings, the bottom area - you might wish to jiggery pockery set things up nice and dandy.


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You rearrange them by moving them up and down in the right column??

There is more to it, a quick peak in the operation manual should sort you out. You can resize the area

You mean setting the width?? Or is there more??