Cant find Variaudio in cubase element 12

I am trying to do vocal editing, and I read that the option to do it is by using Variaudio.
I was searching for it in the sample editor → in the inspector. but I only see “Hitpoints” in the inspector. I was searching for the settings of the inspector to try and adding "Variaudio " but I couldn’t find it. can you please help me?
or if there is another option to edit vocals like Melodyne I would love to hear about it.

It’s not in your Cubase version, you need the full version Cubase 12/13 or Pro

ARA2 Support also requires Cubase Artist.

Record and Edit your Vocals in Cakewalk or Pro Tools Intro using Melodyne Essentials (I’m assuming you have access to that, since it’s heavily bundled)… or whatever other DAW you may have access to. Bring the stems into Cubase Elements after you’ve done the work there.

If you need a copy of Melodyne Essential, then let me know via Private Message. I should still be able to claim a license key from my Studio One Pro license, and I may also have one from a Samplitude Pro X7 Suite upgrade I took for a cheap SpectraLayers Pro license. I had 3 registered prior to that, so I don’t even bother registering those serials anymore…

Would love melodyne :face_holding_back_tears:

Ps tried sending you a private message but it says you are not receiving at the moment*

I would love that! Thank you so much!

I’m going to PM you the serial. @raam.narkis

EDIT: Sent.

I said I would send one to the OP, not everyone who read the thread :frowning:


Words can not express my gratitude :slight_smile:

What a waste of a like :frowning: lol