Can't find VST in Cubase

recently I went into Cubase and I can’t find my VST instruments from Halion or Groove Agent. All instruments are downloaded, but I cannot find them in Cubase anymore. I can find them in their respective application, but just not in Cubase. Can anyone help me to find the instruments again?

Can you see all the items installed via the Library Manager under the Halion and GA tabs?

Yes, here in these screenshots you can see that I have downloaded everything from HALion and Groove Agent.
In the 3rd and 4th screenshots, this is what it looks like for me inside Cubase. You can see the programs are there, but when I click on HALion, it is just empty with no instruments in the menu on the right side of the screen. Any other suggestions?

Here is where i can pick a vst program

and here is what it looks like after I click on HALion Sonic. Sorry for three different posts but stienberg only lets new users put one picture per post and I thought this would help