Cant find VST Samples in Cubase Artist 6

Could anyone help me please. I have Cubase Artist 6 and everytime I try to load a VST it gives me the error that it cant find the XX Samples. I have tried most of the rescan in mediabay and tried to recopy, reinstall, to no avail. I have sent an email to Steinberg with no response. I really would like to get my software and VSTs to work. I do not have a multitude of experience with Cubase and VSTs, I mostly record analog instruments but would really like to get them working on my current project. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi jdogmusic,

which VST? Any? Could you please upload the error message?


I am trying to load groove agent One and it gives me the error Groove Agent One cannot locate 73 samples. Thank you for your help in advance.

This happens on any of the drum kits under Groove agent One. I can load my amplifiers but not my keys or groove agent.

The Actual error is, Groove Agent One failed to Locate XX Samples. Then it has a three buttons in the bottom of the box for Ignore, Locate, Cancel.

Hi jdogmusic,

that is most probably an error with the installation. I would recommend to re-install Cubase, but make sure you check the box “install for all users” when doing so.


I Have already tried that also. I am not sure what to do next. I am not sure how to find the files and tell Cubase where to look for them. I have looked to no avail.

Is there anyone else who has any idea of how to fix my issue?

Are we to guess what platform?

Windows 7 64, Cubase 6.07. Thank you for any help you may provide