cant find vst trial exspansion

I own Halion 4 and Triebwerk exspansion. they work just fine together. I downloaded a trial version of Hypnotic Dance and Halion 4 cannot find the content. I loaded up Cubase with Halion Sonic SE and was able to locate them typing “hypnotic dance” in search box of a program in Halion Sonc SE. Also i was able to load it as a regular vst in cubase, but not load in Halion 4?

my questions are. is the “trial” version of Hypnotic Dance not able to work with Halion 4 or something? where is the content located so i can find it in Halion 4?

EDIT: FOUND PROBLEM I THINK. im on halion 4.5.2 and i just read that Hypnotic Dance is only compatible with Halion 4.5.3 Update! hope this will help anyone else as retarded as me.