Can't find where Wavelab Pro 12 saves presets and other user data

Hey all,
My first time posting here. Please be gentle - LOL.
I’m trying to find where Wavelab Pro 12 saves both user data, and standard data such as presets. I have two needs for this - I want to check out Justin’s rendering, metadata, and preferences presets to see if any of them fit into my workflow, and also so that I can save them to an external, so that they are portable to working on other machines (I have 3 other systems that I work on frequently, other than my own main setup).
I have looked everywhere on my Mac (12.7.4 Monterey), so no avail.
Thanks y’all.

Presets and settings are stored in this folder:

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 12/

With WaveLab open, you can click this button and it will reveal in the Mac Finder where this location is. See attached.

I suggest saving it as a favorite in your Sidebar, and backing up this folder from time to time incase you need it for a new computer, or other troubleshooting needs.

Apple hides the User Library path now so unless you’re familiar with how to unhide that, using the button is sometimes the easiest way.

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