Can't force a B note upwards during note input?

When holding shift & alt to make sure the note goes above the previous note, for some reason nothing happens when I try to do this with a B note. Every other note this method works fine, but when I hold shift & alt and press B nothing happens at all. What’s going on here?

Check your device drivers. Graphics Drivers are notorious for stealing key combinations.

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This is a known issue with the qt framework that Dorico uses, I believe. Nothing to be done until qt fixes it, as far as I know.

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Ahh I see, thanks.

Yes, I updated the driver of my graphics card the other day, and it started “logging” whenever I pressed CTL-SHFT-L for Layout Options! I found this behaviour quite impudent and after a while managed to discover a means of nobbling this and other uncalled for global shortcuts that had been installed without as much as a “by your leave”. :smiley: