Cant fxckin install Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

Soo I have followed all the instructions and installed the YSUSBD one trillion times but i cant find it anywhere on my pc.
It should be and it surely is enough to search for it inside the search “place” in the start section… so its not on my pc… ive been trying for a week now and im so.fucking.tired. i payed fkkn money for this… can someone please help me?

its in control panel,

Maybe you should have posted here 6 days ago before you caused yourself to have an aneurysm. :wink:

As ivanmaskov says, it’s in the Control Panel.

Assuming you’re on Windows, Open Run (Win+R) at paste in
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Yamaha\Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver\ysusb_cp.exe”