Can't get 9.5 to load.


I’ve just updated to 9.5, installed, activated and registered it but every time I go to start the program, the splash screen will pop up and then I get the following errors attatched.

I’ve updated to the latest elicence software and tried reinstalling cubase but the problem persists.

Cubase 9 still loads fine, it’s just an issue with 9.5.

Any ideas?

System info:
Windows 7 Home premium
intel core i7 - CPU 960 @ 3.20 GHz
3rd warning.JPG
2nd warning.JPG
1st warning.JPG

Have you tried running the eLicenser software as Admin and then (while running as Admin) running Maintenance on it?

Thanks for the reply planarchist.
Found out what the problem was, I needed to do a Windows update.

I’d never done an update on that computer as I don’t have it connected to the internet, it needed 194 updates which took about 6 hours!

Anyway, all up and running now!

Heh, heh…glad it’s working now anyway!