Can't get a signal from microphone

I have a new sm58 mic, m-audio soundcard and cubase 5
I can’t get a signal from the mic
I plugged it in to the sound card and followed a guide on youtube,
I added a MONO audio track but I just can’t get a signal or sound
my midi keyboard is working fine with it, I get signal and sound,
but the mic seems like it’s unplugged
What sould I do?


Some thoughts…

Have you set up the M-Audio Input buses correctly in the Cubase>Devices>VST Connections (Input tab) menu?

Have you made sure that the audio track you want to record on is set up to use the input and outputs available in the list that can be accessed in the inspector.

Also… don’t forget, you need to enable the track “record enable” and “monitor” functions when recording. Disable both of those functions when listening back.

My SM58 is my only mic I have that has an on/off switch (maybe yours does too). I can’t tell you how many times it took me a few minutes of sweating it out until I remembered that it might be off…and it was.

One last thought… for me, the SM 58 records with a very low volume output. I had to purchase a mic preamp to get it to record at proper levels with my old audio interface. A mic preamp is good to have anyway. Now, I use an SM58 beta as my main mic… The preamp is not needed but I still use it to “color” the sound a bit as the signal runs through a vacuum tube circut if I choose.

Good luck :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: