Cant get a sound out of Cubase 9


I have followed the Cubase tutorials, and I cannot get a sound out of Cubase 9 from my VST plugins. I also have Ableton, Reason, and Reaper, and these all play the plugins and their sounds no problem.

I don’t know what to write to start with, other than I have used Cubase before (on my Macbook), but have just set up on my new PC, with Windows version and elicencer, but no sound.


I solved it, it had nothing to do with the warning Audio Inputs Not connected - I still have the warning. I had to download a new copy of my audio interface driver as it was not appearing as an option. As soon as I downloaded the driver and rebooted, it played straight away. Funny because I did not need to do this for Ableton, Reaper and Reason.