Cant get a trial GA5

I cant get a trial of GA 5
the page has a link to get the trial hovering over the link shows

but it just opens the main page again in a new tab (tried on chrome & edge)
is the page broken?

also if i go to

clicking the try now, just takes me to the same main page


The downloads for full GA5 are screwed up, too. If you try to download GA5 full in SDA, you get GA5 SE instead. What a mess.

I did manage to download the content last weekend, and raised a ticket with steinberg support to get a trial key… but NO reply from them (what a surprise) :laughing:

Since posting this no one at Steinberg (who can clearly see this forum) nor Steinberg support have responded the the ticket I raised on the same day…

Steinberg I’ve been s customer for many a year but your support is an absolute joke.

krevvy, PM me.

Hi thanks I’m good now I just bit the bullet and have absolute 4 which included ga5.

I did never get a response from Steinberg Support though.

All good then.

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Also just seen that Steinberg have finally fixed their website to allow trials again.

(As yet still never got a reply to my support ticket)
Not that I really expect one or care anymore :joy: