Can't get an answer from Steinberg, need to activate my Cubase


I had a huge problem a week ago when my Mac stoped working. I got myself a new PC and was hoping to be up and running again within a few hours, but that was not the case. I can’t seem to activate my Cubase 10 (downlaoded).
I opende a ticket at Steinberg but haven’t heard back. I have added a few comments but still nothing.
I’m on a deadline and I feel like this should be sort of a easy fix? I clearly need to get a new activation code?

So since I’m waiting for a reply, I found my Cubase Artist 6 DVD and startet to install that one, so I could meet my deadline. I bought a USB DVD reader and installed the software. I plugged in the elicenser and hoped that this would work. but no… The same problem with this one. So I updated my ticket and am now asking for an activation code for both copies, but still no reply.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do next? This seems to be a bit extreme for a simple question like this?

A few of my friends in the US (who still uses Cubase and not Logic) got an answer within a day or two. As stated on their website. Can anyone help me?

Or should I change to Reaper or something like that?

Which edition? Pro, Artist or Elements?

Cubase 10 - Elements
Cubase 6 - Artist

You need an activation code for Elements. Artist should work without the code, just requires the USB eLicenser.

Follow these instructions:

Find the USB eLicenser and plug it in. If you cannot find it but had registered the software, you will need to buy a new USB eLicenser and make a Zero Downtime claim.