Can't get beam to center

I know how it is supposed to be done but nothing works. The image shows what I’m after but with the stems in the correct place. This is for piano, l.h. is bass clef. Any thoughts?beam centering.pdf (19.2 KB)

It looks like you dragged the beam up? Instead, input the notes on one staff and cross them to the other staff, and create a centered beam if necessary. I think there are difficulties with having stems going both up and down from a centered beam at the same rhythmic position - there was a discussion about it here on the forum recently, I believe.

Thanks for the reply Lillie. I had dragged the beam up only for an example of what I wanted but was not able to achieve through using the ‘center beam’ button. There are to voices there, one that sustains the low note but I don’t think that would matter?

You can indeed not currently have a single stem that proceeds both above and below a beam, so you can’t achieve that specific notation at the moment in Dorico without (probably quite painful) workarounds, I’m afraid.

Daniel: thanks for the reply. I did find an easy workaround by putting the middle voice that straddles the 2 staves in the the upper staff 2cd voice and it worked automatically.