Can't get boolean search to work

Hi I’m trying to search in quotes, like “Kick 1” but haven’t been able to get Mediabay to work.

I’ve referenced this document:

I noticed the part about quotations doesn’t actually contain them but the PDF does. It’s not clear if the [] are needed or not but I’ve tried both.

[“Kick 1”] or “Kick 1” doesn’t produce results. Tried with contains and matche words functions.



“Kick 1” is working here.

Are you sure you don’t filter the data other way? So are you sure, there is any “Kick 1” result under the fire? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi thanks for the response. Since you said the quote works I figured out that I need to use the ‘matches’ function. Using ‘contains’ or ‘matches words’ doesn’t work (this is what I had tried before). Will need to read up on what they mean exactly as they all seem on the surface to be applicable here.