Can't get C6 to open on W7 Pro PC laptop!

I have upgraded from C5 on my laptop as well as my studio desktop/tower. The studio installation is fine, not so on the laptop. C6 opened up fine right after the installation, and opened a session as well. When opening it the next day, it stopped in the middle of initializing (at the VST2 load) repeatedly trying to load the Vst2 libraries. It displayed a “C runtime error” message at that time. It then had to be closed in task manager, with windows stating that “Elicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly”, and “need to run LCC”. I also tried opening Cubase 5 on the same laptop with the same Elicenser, and it opened and loaded a session just fine. Please help! Thanks.

Computer: Asus A52F i5 2.53ghz Windows 7 Pro/64bit 4ghz RAM Laptop

Hello beyersound,

Please download and install the latest version of the eLCC at
If the problem persists please use the support request form inside your MySteinberg account to contact the official tech support.

you could try reinstalling the latest net framework as well ,with out that it will not run the elicencer properly !


Thanks guys! I finally got the new eLicenser version (I hate having to “run as administrator” in W7!), will try the net framework reinstall. How about a reinstall of C++ runtime, could that help?