Can't get changes to master page to propagate to parts

My score parts have many intentionally blank pages in order to keep the songs starting on the rightmost page. I created a simple master page that has a single text block that says “page intentionally blank” and insert as needed. All works great. I just decided that it would be helpful to still have the page number up top. No matter how I edit the “blank” master page, I cannot get the additional text field to appear in the parts. If I edit the original “page intentionally blank” text block, that updates automatically, but I can’t get any new text fields to appear.



Follow up: Apparently I can’t brute force it either. If I adding a new blank page and deleting the old does give me the elements I want, but it also trashes many of the engraving adjustments that I made downstream, requiring me to re-engrave all the parts and the entire score.


See if fussing around with these layout options helps. IIRC I had a similar problem and someone suggested I fiddle with these.

No it doesn’t.

Just inserting a blank page automatically creates a page override as shown by the little red triangle below:

Once you have a page override, it is specific to that individual page, so editing a page template will no longer automatically update. If you want to fix this without re-doing the entire layout downstream, you can first apply a page template change to the blank page containing the info you want. This will initially appear to do nothing, as there’s a page override on that page already. Then remove the page override and the page template you applied will appear.

This is sort of a drag if you have a lot of them to do, but doing it this way rather than removing them all at once at least keeps all the formatting downstream.


Wow thanks! It never would have occured to me to try that.

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