Can't get cogli archi PT to playback correctly

In the following project, client created a PT called “cogli archi.”

It is a bowed technique for vibraphone. It works correctly in the original project. But when we “saved as default” to make it available in other projects, it’s not playing back correctly in a new project. It’s visible as a PT, and the playBACK technique options seem to be correct. But playback is not correct in the new project.

Any suggestions on what we’re missing? Thanks.

This might be a case of the blind attempting to lead the partially-sighted, but: is the expression map for the vibraphone the same in both projects?

I believe so, yes. It was just the basic NP Orchestral Percussion x-map.

I’m out of my depth on this one!

So you managed to add a new switch to the NP map to connect your cogli archi technique to the new sound you want? I’d be interested to learn how you did that. To me the NP map is very much a black box.

Honestly I don’t know. Client doesn’t either. We just “saved as default” from existing project.

Can you post a bit of the project that worked?

Did you check that the playback technique referenced by the playing technique is also present in the second project?

I believe so. That’s the screenshot in the OP. I didn’t create it, but it’s there. Since we “saved as default,” I assume it’s now appearing in all projects.

It’s easy to make a mistake when setting up playback techniques such that you end up renaming the Normal playback technique rather than adding a new one. Could that have happened here?

hang on – if you say that this came from the NP Orchestral Percussion then that is the percussion map surely – there is only one EM map for all instruments ? The vibraphone is not unpitched percussion so I’m not sure how that came to work in the first instance. If it did, then the NP maps are even more of a dark art than @Janus and myself realise!

I’m not really sure. At this point I’ll ask client to chime in, as I’ve reached the limit of what I know about the project. Thanks all.

will be intrigued to hear the conclusion!

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your support and sorry for my late update. To start with, here is an excerpt of my piece where you can find the working “cogli archi” playing technique.Cogli Archi Demo Working.dorico (1.0 MB)

tried in a new test project which contains only a vibraphone part. Works fine if “cogli archi” (CC18,30) is added to the Expression Map so have you checked that? The default NP playback configuration does not include this p.t so it needs to be added back manually for each project (or you need to save the amended EM and reload it or create a modified version of the playback configuration but I’m not sure how that would play with NP’s automatic allocation of instances among other things – hardly worth it for a 30 second job).

I have no idea where the info comes from about the existence and programming of “cogli archi” comes from so am intrigued. It’s not in the manual.