Can't get Cubase 9.5 trial version

I started using Cubase in 1990, but have drifted away because of licensing headaches and fees to advance from Cubase 4 to Cubase 8 or 9 and system software issues.

I had the impression that Cubase 9 won’t work with El Capitan 1.11.6 and when I got a trial (before this) I found it wouldn’t work with my system. Today Steinberg’s Cubase page seems to say that El Capitan actually IS supported in 9.5, so I am experiencing some confusion on this. Can anyone running 10.11.6 verify this for me?

I was planning to verify this myself with the current 9.5 trial version, but I have requested one a few times and I never got the expected email with the needed code or other info. That’s why I sent in this note

I am running Apple’s Logic Pro X and I am also interested in whether any of Cubase’s virtual instruments (Like HalionOne) will show up as AU instruments when I am working with Logic.

Thanks for reading this.

Please advise

Can’t help on the OS running as I’m not a Mac user but with regards to not getting the trial email, I understand this is often down to some email servers having the Steinberg trial address listed as a spam email address and so not letting them through.

I understand Gmail has been amongst those with this issue. If you an alternative email address(es) you might want to try those. Good luck.

Further to your question about whether your OS will run Cubase 9.5, you might want to ask it as a separate question in a day or two if you get no nswers as some who have the answer might not read the original post due to the title…you could modify the title maybe too?