Can't get Dorico Free Version to LOAD!

Dear Anyone.
Just got the demo version of Dorico for now as can’t afford the full version and I’m not good at tricky modern software at the best of times. I usually use Quick Score Elite Level 2 which Dorico LOOKS like so I thought I’d be able to understand it.

Understand it? I can’t even LOAD it! Here’s what happens when I double-click its icon…


Hope the image comes through when I post this, at the moment it’s a pile of words in brackets! Incase it doesn’t - I just get a black rectangle with “Launching Steinberg Activation Manager” and - er - that’s it. Game over. Nothing else ever happens. I’ve left that sitting there all day once, with occasional clicks on the Retry button, and still nothing else ever happens! It worked once, never again.

Remembering - PUH-LEEEZE! - you’re talking to someone who loves trying to write music first and computers very much fourth in the All Time Fave Things list, where’ve I messed up!?!

I’m using Windows 10 and the Realtek High Quality Audio Codec that came with it. If I have to use Asio, is there ANY way to use Asio and still be able to hear YouTube for instruction vids? My experience of Asio4All is it takes over the universe - the thing that’s using it’s audible, everything else is silent and even after quitting the program you’ve got to restart Windows at least twice(!) to get sound back in a browser.

Yours hopefully


I can’t remember but maybe you still need to activate Dorico even though it’s only a trial.

Have you actually relaunched the Steinberg Activation Manager yet? Does it just keep appearing?

Hi Chris,
though it is free, you still need to have a (free) license for it, and that license must be registered in the Steinberg Activation Manager. What happens if you click on the Relaunch button when the alert window pops up?

Regarding the ASIO driver, yes, Dorico still requires ASIO, but we have now the new Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver which does not claim the audio devices exclusively any more, so yes, you can now easily hear sound from YouTube and Dorico at the same time.

Dear Ulf and DanielMuzMurray (et al!)

Tried clicking on Relaunch, nothing happens BUT - I’ve discovered if it’s the FIRST THING I start (Dorico, that is) when I turn on the computer, THEN it starts. It’s if I try to RESTART it I get the error message and nothing will restart (Dorico-wise, any other software works) after that. I have to restart the computer and THEN start Dorico without touching anything else. If I start any other software (not counting web browser) and then try to start Dorico, I g et the error message .

As I’ve now got the free version to start (as stated above!) - how do I make it make noise? I’ve understood Players, giving them instruments, notation (which is why I chose Dorico - I LURVE notation!) but clicking on the staves with notes/filling staves with notes and pressing PLAY in the menu followed by the playback arrowhead does nothing. Got Realtek High Definition Audio Codec and Windows 10.

Why I wanted Dorico is my usual DAW’s 32-bit (Quick Score Elite Level 2) and pure notation and Dorico looked pretty similar so I thought I’d actually understand it (Cubase blew my sanity, sorry!) I’ve bought Sampletank 4 in a sale with THOUSANDS (literally!) of instruments so I wanted to use the free version of Dorico with Sampletank for practice before upgrading. But I’ve yet to get any noise out of anything on Dorico and I know there’s Halion but is it possible to use Sampletank with Dorico? If so, does Dorico have a VST folder somewhere to put the DLL in?

Yes, I’ve looked at YouTube vids but I must be really dumbass - they’re not helping. Tried a bunch of things, nothing’s making Dorico make noise. Probably that’s the best thing for my music(!)

Yours hopefully


Have you tried resetting your Playback Template?

@ulrichburke, as @ulf suggested above, you can install and use the Steinberg built-in ASIO driver:

Hi @ulrichburke , if playback does not produce any sound, there can be a multitude of reasons. Therefore, let’s start from scratch and take it step by step.

  • Reboot your computer and with nothing else actively opened, launch Dorico
  • when you get to the hub window, create a new Dorico project from the piano template and enter some arbitrary notes. Do they get played back for you?
  • If not, go to Edit > Device Setup and have a look for the current ASIO driver and to which output ports it will stream to.
  • If there is no audio coming out, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thanks