Can't get Dorico to playback the short melody I've composed?

Can’t get Dorico to playback the short melody I’ve composed??? I’ve tried preferences and everything seems to be routed correctly - Still no sound when I hit playback? I’m really stumped…

Any help greatly appreciated


Welcome to the forum, Simon! There are soooo many posts with the same question, and soooooo many answers (including pinned ones to troubleshoot audio)… Have you searched for this?
If, after a search and 15 minutes of troubleshooting, you still haven’t found the answer, please post your diagnostic files (help menu>Create diagnostic files).

Welcome to the forum @Simon_Love ! Sorry to hear you’ve encountered playback issues.

Have you applied a playback template to your project, one that corresponds to sound libraries available on your computer? On the Play menu, select Playback Templates and apply (or re-apply) a playback template from there.

Have you watched this troubleshooting video and tried its recommended solutions?


Thanks for your reply. I keep getting this warning each time I start Dorico and I think this may be the problem.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 12.35.18

If you haven’t downloaded the sounds that correspond to the version of Dorico you’re using (bearing in mind that Pro/Elements/SE have different sounds, and Dorico 5 has additional sounds that weren’t in earlier versions, so matching the sounds to your version is important) then unfortunately no, Dorico can’t play back sounds! Unless you also have for example NotePerformer and apply the NotePerformer playback template to your project.